From pipe cleaning machine needs,
to your rattling needs,
CRC Inc. has you covered.


CRC has been selling internal pipe-cleaning tools and parts for air motors and rattling heads since the old timers in the oilfield called them “buzz guns.”

products01.jpgCRC is familiar with the major O.E.M. pipe cleaning machines currently in production and has the expertise and experience to provide products that are specific to your pipe cleaning application.

Whatever your tubing, drill pipe, or casing application needs may be, CRC can provide the correct air motor and head for your pipe cleaning specifications. We welcome your application questions and will provide an accurate estimate reflecting your “trust tool cost,” not just a price! CRC wants to earn your business and sell you the “total value” we can provide for your pipe cleaning project needs.

Our Pipe-Cleaning Products Include:

  • complete air motors and internal parts
  • barrel-type rattling heads
  • spring-loaded rattling heads
  • swing arm finger heads
  • single unit cutter heads
  • adapters
  • casing heads
  • midget motors
  • footvalves and lubricators
  • impacts and extension grinders
  • drive hub assembly and parts
  • idler brg assembly and parts
  • nylatron BRGs and washers
  • left-handed wire wrapped hoses

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Steve Dubois, Ken Barbier, Scotty Simon, & Tyler Simon

Questions about a particular application or the correct air motor and rattling head to use? Call us for the correct answer and customer responsive service.

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