From pipe cleaning machine needs,
to your rattling needs,
CRC Inc. has you covered.


So if you don’t have a pipe machine, but you need a left-handed wire-wrapped rattling hose, foot valve, and lubricator, CRC will have the hose, foot valve and lubricator in stock and will send the right size hose and accessories for the job the first time, everytime.

Dotco GrinderPerhaps you own a pipe rattling machine and have invested significant dollars in its purchase, maintenance, and operation. CRC can provide grooved wheels, smooth wheels, drive hb and idler bearing assemblies, brush shafts, brush shaft motors, O.D. brushes and O.D. cutters, love joy coupling, charlyn motors and seal repair kits. CRC can provide impacts, and even extension grinders that get to those hard to reach I.D. places in subs and drill collar & valve applications.

  • pneumatic and electric roilling motors
  • right angle rolling motors
  • heat exchanger cleaners
  • turbine style curved tube cleaners
  • cableless tube cleaners (Die-Hard)
  • sout busters
  • tube testers (vacuum & air injected)
  • tube cutters
  • speed cut tube bundle cutters
  • tube tuggers
  • boiler tube cutters
  • ctube removal tunes
  • manual tube pullers
  • pneumatic hammers
  • one-revolution tune cutters
  • jumbo tunbe baskets
  • collett style tube tuggers
  • tube spears
  • collapsing tools
  • knockout tools
  • wall reducing tools
  • tube hole guages
  • 24 series condensor expanders
  • electric torque controller
  • rapid hawk electric tube
  • rolling system

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Steve Dubois, Ken Barbier, Scotty Simon, & Tyler Simon

Questions about a particular application or the correct air motor and rattling head to use? Call us for the correct answer and customer responsive service.

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